Retail Store - Pool Chemicals in Carroll County MD

bioguard chemicals carroll county mdCarroll County Pools retail store stocks a wide variety of pool and spa chemicals, accessories, loungers, pool fountains, toys and more. You will find the full line of BioGuard swimming pool and spa chemicals. All BioGuard products are designed for maximum ease, convenience and effectiveness. The BioGuard full product line can help prevent problems and keep your water brilliant. Carroll County Pools also now carries the Mineral Springs & softsoak chemicals, the newest technology in pool & spa care.

Carroll County Pool chemicals

BioGuard 3-step Pool Care Program

Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks with SilkGuard make your water feel soft and smooth, kill bacteria and protect against scale, corrosion and staining.

BioGuard makes pool care easy & simple with their 3-step program. Maintain beautiful sparkling clear water in just 3 simple steps.
1. Sanitize to kill bacteria
2. Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water
3. Prevent algae growth

Option One: The BioGuard
once-a-week 3-step program

Step 1: Sanitize with Smart Sticks
Step 2: Oxidize with Smart Shock
Step 3: Prevent Algae with Back Up

Option Two: The BioGuard once-a-week 3-step program with SilkGuard
Step 1: Sanitize withSilk Tabs or Silk Sticks
Step 2: Oxidize with Burn Out Extreme, Burn Out 35 or Smart Shock
Step 3: Prevent Algae with Back Up

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Solar Heating Systems for Swimming Pools

Tired of paying enormous fuel bills to heat your pool? Or is your pool too cold to enjoy, because you've turned off the heater? Now you can use the sun to heat your poll with a solar heating system. No expensive gas lines or costly fuel bills. Raises water temperature up to 10 degrees F or more. Swim in comfort and extend your swimming season. Call today for details.